Thursday, August 30, 2012

Decorative Family Projects

Home Decor projects are great for family collaboration. For instance, replacing an old couch with a new, built-from-scratch sectional sofa. Last week my family and I purchased a sectional sofa from a Swedish home store. The fabric, the legs, the cushions, the frames, everything was in separate pieces. Normally, the most interaction amongst my family is with two teenagers bickering at each other or watching them send hundreds of text messages. Constructing this sofa was a great reprieve from our typical interaction and turned-out to be a good team-building exercise with long-lasting, fun memories.
We've created more fun memories, with the project shown below:


  1. I would have to agree, home decor projects are an excellent way to bring the family together. My family and I love to tackle those small weekend projects. Last weekend we painted an accent wall in the living room and bought some matching throw pillows. We found some cool, unique pillows on a website some friends recommended,

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